Seasons & Weather English songs for children will be a means to help children have the most comfortable and fun learning moments. In particular, with this topic, children also learn more about the weather and seasons of the year.

English songs for children – Weather

Weather song aims to help children learn weather vocabulary by answering the question “How’s the weather?”. Each answer corresponds to a type of weather and typical activities of that weather type.

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English song for children – Seasons Song

Seasons Song is one of the most popular English songs about the seasons of the year. With this song, children will understand more words like “Summer”, “Fall”, “Spring”, “Autumn” thanks to the fun melody.

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English song for children – How’s The Weather?

With this English song, children will find the answer to the question “How’s the weather?”. Along with that are simple answers “It’s sunny/rainy/windy…”. The song has simple lyrics, cheerful melodies, and just enough time for children to follow and learn.

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What’s the Weather Like Today

Similar to How’s The Weather song, “What’s the weather like today” also helps children learn about the weather of the day. With lovely illustrations, catchy tunes, this song will help children have interesting moments of learning English, without being boring.

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Sun, Rain, Wind, and Snow

An English song on the theme of Seasons & Weather is Sun, Rain, Wind, and Snow song. Following the rhythm of the song, the cartoon characters will board the hot air balloon to discover interesting things when:

– It’s sunny

– Rainy

– Windy

– Snowy

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The Sun Comes Up!

The Sun Comes Up is a very interesting English song on the subject of Weather. Following the instructions in the video will help children feel that learning English is like a fun game. Thereby, children will be able to understand and absorb the vocabulary more easily.

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If You Know All the Seasons

If You Know All the Seasons lyrics contain special acts. They encourage children to interact and participate in the song. Thereby, children can understand more about the seasons as well as vocabulary in English on this topic.

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It’s a Beautiful Day

It’s a Beautiful day is an English song praising the beauty and cheerfulness of warm sunny days in summer and spring. With simple lyrics, gentle melodies, the song is suitable for children of all ages to hum along.

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Winter weather song

Besides English songs about Seasons or Weather, children can also learn separate vocabulary about a season, for example, the song Winter weather song. This song is about winter with its own characteristics such as rain and ice, snowmen, windy storms, etc. The fun background music, colorful illustrations will surely attract children’s attention.

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Seasons Song for Kids

Seasons will help children feel more relaxed and comfortable when learning English. With simple lyrics and cheerful melodies, children will easily catch up and sing along to this song.

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