Young children are often very impressed with the means of transport in particular and the topic of traffic in general. Therefore, parents can use the following Transportation-themed children’s English songs as a tool for their children to learn English more effectively.

Children’s English Transportation song: Driving In My Car

Driving in my car is a famous song with more than 22 million views on YouTube channel. This song refers to many different means of transportation such as bike, train, boat, car, airplane. Accompanied by activities such as cycling, driving a car, rowing a boat, taking a train, flying an airplane, it will certainly bring many interesting things for children. Parents can also let children listen to music and follow the activities in the song to help children remember words longer.

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Children’s English Transportation song: Riding A Bike

Bicycles are the means of transport mentioned a lot in Riding a bike song. This is also one of the very familiar means for young children.

The content of the song will help children know how to use the bike on different roads. Therefore, parents can buy children a bike so that they can roam around with friends. As a result, children can both learn English and have moments of fun.

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English transportation children’s song: Riding A Bike Song

Children’s English Transportation songs: The Wheels On The Bus

The Wheels On The Bus refers to a means of public transport that is the bus. With fun melodies, children can easily learn vocabulary about this type of vehicle. In particular, parents can let their children join the traffic by this means to have interesting experiences.

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Row Row Row Your Boat

Row Row Row Your Boat is about the journey of discovering nature on the river by a boat of two young people. With an extremely gentle and smooth melody, parents can play it for children before going to bed.

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Ten Little Buses

Ten Little Buses is about public transport, which is the bus. The slow melody of the song and vivid illustrations will make children excited when listening to music.

In particular, Ten Little Buses also helps children learn a lot of social knowledge, for example, when the bus performs activities such as picking up passengers or stopping at red lights, etc.

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Most children are very fond of large trucks. Therefore, this song helps children know more about a type of vehicle that is “trucks”.

The illustrations help children know activities such as carrying gravel and sand to make roads. Parents can let children play with toy cars and listen to songs at the same time. This will bring high efficiency in children’s English learning.

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For children with adventurous interests, love to explore, parents should not ignore this song. With the song Planes, children will be transformed into pilots to fly planes that can touch the clouds or the blue sky. This must be an interesting experience for children and also help them learn English more effectively.

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Train Song

There is one more public transport that children love to learn – that is the train. For children, this vehicle is quite strange. Therefore, parents should let children experience interesting things when using this vehicle.

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Train Song: English Transportation children’s song

Tractors Song

This is one of the tools that helps a lot for farmers. Those are tractors are – tractors that work hard every day. Tractors Song will help children know the daily activities of this vehicle as well as better understand the work on a farm.

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Traffic Lights Song

One of the songs that children should not ignore is “traffic lights”. The song not only provides English vocabulary on traffic topics but also helps children gain more knowledge when participating in traffic. Through the song, children will know how to join the traffic according to the regulations of the traffic lights.

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